who is king kaleeb?

Born November 22 in West Palm Beach, Florida, Caleb Decius is better known by his stage name "King Kaleeb". King moved to Lake Park, Florida at a young age and fell in love with music because of his mother’s deep admiration for the art.

Growing up he was influenced by a wide variety of artists from Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Beyonce, Backstreet Boys, Outkast, Tupac, Nelly, Jay-Z, Jamie Foxx and etc. At the age of seven, King’s mother signed him up for piano lessons and later he began playing the drums and saxophone at church.

While watching his favorite acts on tv King also wanted to be an all around entertainer. He fell in love with poetry, rapping, acting and film. After acquiring a degree in film/broadcasting, King wrote/ directed many short films which were uploaded to Youtube. Some notable ones are Mya's Story, Double Cross, The Only Way Out; all can be found on YouTube under “LrdStudios”. However even while spending time on the screen King always found a way to revert back into music.

On August 3, 2015, King Kaleeb's son Caleb Caiden-Amir Decius Jr. was born and from then on Caiden became his motivating reason to excel in life. Tragically, on September 1st, 2017, Caiden passed away. Caiden was a fun loving boy that loved his daddy's music and would get shy every time he heard his father’s music. In the midst of the tragedy, King took to the pen to help serve as a outlet for the pain. Caiden is and will always be King Kaleeb's number one motivator.

As of late, King Kaleeb has performed at Declare Your Vibe (Miami), GoomBay Splash Festival (Riviera Beach), The Culture (Opa Locka), Beat Battle at Propaganda (Lake Worth), A Night at Jerremie (FIU), BSU Open Mic (FIU), The Historic Lyric Live (Miami), Grip the Mic (West Palm Beach), The Annual Turkey Bowl (Liberty City) and many more!

King Kaleeb has been interviewed on Palm Beach's local radio station SupaJamzRadio twice and was also a featured artist on the The Upper Room Podcast.

With Caiden’s smile and loving spirit as motivation, King Kaleeb wants to make music that not only touches the heart but moves the soul.